The Olive Room, Settle

The Olive Room, Antipastto

Olive Room Antipastto

New little Italian Restaurant just opened in Settle under the shambles in the market square.  The Olive room is tiny, approx 18 covers in the old stone arches of the cellar under the shambles, a beautifully atmospheric room and a tiny kitchen to match, but great food and service.  The first thing that we noticed when passing was the fantastic smell, (we hadn’t planned to even try it today) it turned out to be meat balls browning on the tiny hob.   Everything is homemade from pizza dough to dressings and ice cream, menu includes a good selection of inexpensive pizzas and pasta dishes, panini, soups and salads.

As we weren’t really planning to eat we just tried a coffee and the antipasto plate to share, including cheese, garlic bread, olives, onion balsamic relish, Parma ham, salami and melon, yummy….


After the closure of The Olive Room back in December 2009 I have an update! The Olive Room will be reborn as “Gusto” and opens on Wednesday the 17th February 2010.  Philipa, Paul & Andy will be continuing the Italian theme with an Italian chef, a revised and more affordable menu and extensive wine list including Champagne’s.  I’m already looking forward to trying it and watch here for a full review in the near future.

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17 Responses to The Olive Room, Settle

  1. alex walker says:

    Thanks very much! so glad you enjoyed your experience. Hope to see you again perhaps you can try soem of our specials and sample our wine list.

    Thanks again


  2. Graham Williams says:

    This restaurant is just what the area needed, good food, good wine – not from a standard list, reasonable prices, pleasant surroundings. The staff are good too!


  3. Anon says:

    The food was nice at this place, but we were blatantly over charged and were given a poor excuse as to why. Generally over priced aswell.


    • paganum says:

      I have been several times now to the Olive Room and can heartily recommend and thought the prices were good for the quality of food and service.


    • the chef says:

      sorry you were over charged.. very unusal sorry you feel its over priced, but you will find it less expensive than the local pubs.. and our quality is better, so we have been told.
      thanks for you comments will be sure to double check the bills in future.


  4. james says:

    I thought this was a terrible restaurant, the service was diabolical and the found overpriced and dirty


  5. Leila says:

    Has this restaurant closed down? does anybody know?


    • vince says:

      There is a notice on the window mentioning the bailiffs acting on behalf of the landlord
      well it seems we probably all know what that means. I hope it opens again.


      • alex says:

        well if you were aware of the law… unlike the baliffs who acted with unjustified means perhaps you might be in a better place to comment on this issue.. until you are in receipt of the facts I suggest you keep your opinions to your self. If you want the facts.. you will no doubt know where I can be contacted.


  6. dan says:

    i heard it is being taken over by a similar group of people to the previous owner, that have no experience in owning or managing a restaurant, therefore it will probably fail again but you never know, im sticking to the other well established places in settle


    • Joanne says:

      I have been told that it re-opens on the 17th feb,And has a new name Gusto which is
      a (bar and restaurant)
      we will definitely try this out,My husband is going to try and book a reservation for us for the first saturday.
      Does anyone have a contact number ?


      • Philippa says:

        Hi Great that you want to try Gusto, please contact me and we can book you a table, you can call me on 07970215612 Philippa


    • alex says:

      well Dan
      as for a group of people.. there was only one person that was I .. must say rather humbled by your words.. until one has taken the risk.. who are you to judge?


  7. sarah says:

    does this mean the settle playbarn has closed as well? how is the olive room changing? what are you going to be doing there?


    • alex says:

      why would the play barn be closing????? it seems there are far too many false comments … If the BUSINESS yes BUSINESS had been SOLD the defination of SOLD is the exchange of money… which unfortunately seems to be beyond some people.. shall I name names..? no that would be petty.
      I just hope they have a clear BUSINESS CONCIENCE.


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