Taste of London – Club Gascon Marmite Royale, you gotta love it or hate it!

OK Marmite! What is it? and do you love it or hate it?

“Marmite is a nutritious savoury spread that contains B vitamins, enjoyable in a sandwich, on toast, bread or even as a cooking ingredient.” Marmite.com

Personally I hate the stuff and a dish of foie gras & Marmite really does not do it for me, especially when it is even served in the Marmite pot with a chunk of bread masquerading as “soldiers” sic.

Anyway, what do I know, Club Gascon were awarded Best Dish at Taste of London Restaurant Festival taking place in Regent’s Park in that London for “Marmite Royale”

Club Gascon Marmite Royale and Soldiers Taste of London 2012

The star of the show, and winner of the Best in Taste Award 2012, was Club Gascon with ‘Marmite royale and soldiers’ a playful dish served in an authentic Marmite jar. A delighted Pascal Aussignac said “I’m honoured to win this award, especially in front of such wonderful London chefs. It’s an amazing feeling and I am so proud of my team.”  The winning dish is a grown-up twist on one of Britain’s most talked about food stuffs. He explained his inspiration behind the winning dish, “I’ve always loved to play with ingredients and create dishes that take a much loved ingredient and make people love it even more. The dish is a combination of culinary influences and techniques from my French homeland and my adopted home London.”

Pacal Aussignac Marmite Royale and Soldiers Taste of London 2012

Coming in an admirable second place was Spice Market with black pepper shrimp and sun dried pineapple, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes and its ‘icon dish’ at the festival. In third place was new London restaurant opening Cinnamon Soho with Bheja Fry a dish of lamb brains in mince curry.

Best in Taste Award

1)    Winner: Club Gascon – Marmite Royale and soldiers

2)    1st runner up: Spice Market – Black pepper shrimp and sun dried pineapple

3)    2nd runner up – Cinnamon Soho – Bheja Fry: lamb brains in mince curry

Taste of London runs from 21st  to 24th June 2012 Regent’s Park, London.


A quick review of other peoples experiences on Marmite Royale shows you really do Love it or Hate it!

Kavey EatsMarmite Royale itself wasn’t particularly attractive, nor the wobbly liquid texture, but Pete really enjoyed the taste. For me, though I liked the two little bites I tried I found the Marmite too strong to have enjoyed much more.”

JCC Restaurant Reviews “Tried it for £8 thought it was rubbish”

Teen Foodie Blog “my mum (a Marmite-lover) says it was delectable!”

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5 Responses to Taste of London – Club Gascon Marmite Royale, you gotta love it or hate it!

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  2. Martin and Bella says:

    It was absolutely delicious and only £5 on Sunday, went back for seconds.


  3. lechefpaski says:

    Dear All,we sold thousand of Marmite Royale and soldiers at Taste and fortunately 90% of customers had a wonderful and opinianated reaction.I prefer this than being bland …lechefpaski


    • cwildman says:

      Thanks for the comment, I agree completely, if you don’t try it, don’t knock it. Marmite does have a very strong “love it” or “hate it” following and I would rather fantastic chefs like yourself experiment with these flavours than not, well done on the feedback and your award. Chris


      • lechefpaski says:

        Thanks Chris.
        By the way JCC Restaurant Reviews never said it was “rubbish” as you mentioned but someone commented on his post.


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