Bolton Abbey Beef and Lamb

Bolton Abbey Well Hung Beef

The finest Beef and Lamb from Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales.   ‘The quality of our beef is second to none’  says Steve Crabtree of Bolton Abbey Foods.  Over the years a suckler herd has been established, using the best of both native British breeds and continental breeds.  These animals are ideally suited to the high Dales grassland and rich lower parkland.

The Beef animals are reared naturally, suckling their mothers from birth and graze at least two seasons at grass.  A purpose designed feeding regime has been formulated with the help of an animal nutritionist, this enhances the texture, taste, consistency and overall quality of the meat.  As a direct result, the animals are both healthier and happier.  The meat is tasty, tender and succulent because it is hung and fully matured ensuring the quality of the beef is second to none.

Bolton Abbey Really Tasty Lamb

The sheep flock on Steve Crabtree’s farm in Bolton Abbey graze over the heather moors and lower parklands. The breeding sheep have been established over the past 50 years and are indigenous to the Wharfedale valley.  They are farmed in a natural way utilising the diverse grazing which is available on the farm.

The lambs are Spring born to their home-bred mothers and suckle during the Autumn.  The lambs are finished purely on grass, which ensures only the best quality of lamb is produced.  This farming practice creates a wholesome, natural and unique product.

The farm is registered as farm assured and is subject to rigorous annual inspections, ensuring all aspects of animal welfare and environmental care are kept to a paramount.

Steven Crabtree’s Bolton Abbey Beef and Lamb is now available on the Paganum Farmers Market Website  here

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