Gusto, Shambles, Settle


After the closure of The Olive Room back in December 2009 I have an update! The Olive Room will be reborn as “Gusto” and opens on Wednesday the 17th February 2010.   Philipa, Paul & Andy will be continuing the Italian theme with an Italian chef, a revised and more affordable menu and extensive wine list including Champagne’s.  I’m already looking forward to trying it and watch here for a full review in the near future.

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Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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22 Responses to Gusto, Shambles, Settle

  1. Alastair says:

    Re-born is the key word in the update. This is no mere re-opening of the Olive Room, but a fresh new start. The food is great, Mateo sees to that,and yes food is important, but the other vital ingredient in a good meal out that Gusto also has is a warm hospitable atmosphere in which to enjoy the food. Anybody who went to the Olive room will recall the austere lighting, lack of music, the rather cold plastic and steel furniture, in short a bit clinical or calculated. But that has all been remedied with wood furniture, softer lighting, good background music and careful use of classic Italian icons and images in the menus place mats wall pictures etc.
    AND you get a genuine welcome from Philippa Paul Andrew and Mateo. Food: Mateo has a love for his nations food, and he has put that passion into the menu, the pizzas are both traditional (eg Quatro whatsits) and different (eg peking crispy duck and hoisin) but as a pasta lover theres a good range of great dishes, the meat balls are exceptional. Wines (and Grappa digestiv)are from the neighbouring Buon Vino Italian wine shop (Rob the Italophile owner has direct connections to Italian growers) so a good spread of exemplary Italian wines with highlights from other countries. The house wine sets the tone, I tried two of the four house reds one Italian (Sicilian actually – Borgo Selene) and one Chilean and enjoyed both. So all told a good meal out, to the extent that i have booked for 10 of us for my birthday before we go to see “Morecambe” at the Vic, making a great night out, two minutes from my doorstep. So to summarise, a good mid price range Italian presenting interesting and good Italian food and wine with staff that care about you having an enjoyable time there. My father-in-law says he has Italian ancestry (I beg to differ!), and is always quoting an Italian truism: “look after your customers and they will look after you”. Now thats Gusto to me.


  2. Philippa says:

    We are really pleased that you enjoyed your visit to us and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you from all the staff at Gusto


  3. toom says:

    we went before when it was the olive room and have just revisited, its ok, but i think the above description is a bit too far!!! the chef worked for the previous owner and the tables and chairs are identical!


    • Philippa says:

      yes as you say the chef worked there before in it,s early days, clearly if you visited before then you would know the chairs are different as is the flooring etc.


  4. Andy Hiles says:

    Just updating food places on our website at King William the Fourth Guesthouse. Is there a phone number for Gusto?


  5. Philippa says:

    Hi, Thank you for your interest, our telephone no is 01729 824929,


  6. sam says:

    hi, hows it going down there??? what sort of menu are you offering?? do you have an official website ? kind regards sam


  7. jennifer says:

    is there a website for this restaurant, where i can find out more info, also do you do delivery?


  8. kate says:

    does this place have a website? i cant find one


  9. josh says:

    is there a website or anything???


  10. josh says:

    website adress?


  11. johnny says:

    hi, does anybody know of this place has a website?


  12. john says:

    we had a lovely meal, lovely food, perhaps a bit pricy but worth it, thanks very much


  13. christine bowers says:

    Hiya phillipa,thankyou for your card on the loss of my dad,will be in touch will bring hubby down for a bite to eat love chris x


  14. What a super little restaurant! The food is good and reasonably priced, but nothing exceptional – it’s the atmosphere and friendly service that make the experience so enjoyable. We found the place after being disappointed by the new Golden Lion and liked it so much we went back the next night too. Thank you Philippa and crew.


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