Leeds Foodies Festival – great friendly event

Well just about recovered from the Leeds Foodies event in Roundhay Park, Leeds packed all the gear away out of the van and ready for the next event.  The weather was kind to us if a little breezy on the Sunday! and met lots of fantastic people including a few fellow Tweeters or should that be Twits! @bakelady59 who made a fantastic Chorizo Tart you can see it & get the recipe on Bakelady’s Blog here @stujmiller trying to save some chorizo for himself before the kids eat it all! @JoolsCyprien belly full of curry goat rice n peas @themapples sorry didnt get chance to chat more @YinLi lovely compulsive shopper @andrewcritchett spreading the word.  Also met some great chef’s and buyers so hopefully you might see more of our produce at a restaurant or deli near you soon.

Feedback on the Yorkshire Chorizo was fab and the Garlic version was the Leeds favourite.

A few pictures of the event so you can see what you missed!

About cwildman

Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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17 Responses to Leeds Foodies Festival – great friendly event

  1. James Ward says:

    I searched and searched for you on Sunday and somehow managed not to find your stall anywhere. Although maybe that had something to do with the copious quantity of free booze I had consumed…

    Glad it was a successful event for you.


  2. bakelady59 says:

    The Yorkshire Chorizo was a winner in our house. My Chorizo tart has now all gone. Looks like it’ll become a family favourite.


  3. Edouardo says:

    We had a great day on the Saturday – stayed all day from 1.30 until the last band finished on stage – about 6.30? Marvellous. Well done to all for making us so welcome. Some of our photos here: PHOTOS OF FOODIES AT ROUNDHAY PARK LEEDS


  4. Rich says:

    My chorizo is going into a bean stew this evening, or rather, what’s left of it is. I have a pathalogical inability to leave things like chorizo alone in the fridge…’Oh, go on then, just another slice…’

    Good to meet you on Sunday, and glad you were busy!


  5. wish i had been there, are you going to be at any food festivals in the Derbyshire area anytime soon? There is a Food, Real Ale and Crafts Festival in Belper, Derbyshire on 18th July that you should come to. I went last year and it’s brilliant – see blog for more info http://atasteofderbyshire.wordpress.com/ @atasteofderbyshire


  6. Chris, sorry I missed you at Leeds Loves Food.
    Will you be at Yorkshire Show next week?
    Paul Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo


    • paganum says:

      Hi Paul, yes I visited the Great Yorkshire Show but didn’t have a stand. Will be at Malham & Kilnsey Shows next and maybe some other foodie events. Cheers Chris


  7. Scott Hessel says:

    Dear Chris

    Just received your Yorkshire Chorizo, Many Thanks
    It is on both menu i.e. Old Bore, Rishworth & Carlton Bore, Carlton Husthwaite.

    You have managed to create a first class Chorizo, on first sight I was intrigued. The oil that it exudes during cooking has without doubt a huge meaty taste rather than the paprika taste from the Spanish version. I have to say this is probably the one of the first local produce from Yorkshire that has truly bettered the original version and unbelievably impressed me; it’s an amazing tasty product that we will continue to use. Without doubt it has an extraordinary meaty taste. It is a perfect accompaniment to our oysters at the Old Bore at Rishworth & really makes the tomato salad at the Carlton Bore at Carlton Husthwaite. I Have always found it a problem to put Chorizo on my menus due to its over powering taste but from now on I will have no problem in recommending to all my fellow chefs, good luck and best wishes.


  8. Karolina says:

    I cannot believe that I have only discovered your blog today. Should have done ages ago! Hello from the Dales! 😉


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