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Hi, my name is Chris and I’m a coffeeholic!

So what to do when you cannot get a decent cup of coffee? My trusty Bialetti stove top makes a great travel companion but as I also love gadgets there are lots of techie options for coffee lovers on the go, camping and travelling.

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

Minipresso is a compact, hand-powered portable espresso maker for coffee lovers on the move.

If you’re choosy about your coffee, even halfway up a mountain, sling a Minipresso in your knapsack. Styled like a piece of camera equipment, but lighter than any lens, Minipresso is a portable coffee machine for hand-pumping the perfect espresso.

That’s right, bean fiends. We’re talking freshly brewed, steaming hot, full-bodied, frothy-topped espresso shots from little more than hot water, ground beans and the power of your own hands. No batteries, cables or snooty barista required.

So how does this coffee making gadget work? Inside the Minipresso is a treasure trove of cutting-edge engineering you’ll never need to see or worry about. Just pop off the top and bottom caps, fill with coffee grounds and hot water, seal them back up again, then pump!

In just a few squeezes the pressure inside the Minipresso reaches a remarkable 116psi – the same as a traditional espresso machine – forcing full-bodied espresso coffee out of the spout and into your cup. Before your fellow campers even sniff the morning air, this handheld espresso pump will have served you with a damn-near perfect cup of the black stuff.

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coffee minipresso

coffee minipresso

Cafflano Klassic Portable Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic all in one coffee maker

Cafflano Klassic all in one coffee maker

The award-winning* Cafflano Klassic is the world’s first all-in-one portable coffee maker. Perfect for life on the go; grind your own beans and drip-filter a hot cup of Joe wherever you are.

Coffee connoisseurs will tell you the perfect cup of coffee needs freshly ground beans. Not freshly ground, sealed in a bag, stocked on a shelf, chucked in your trolley, popped in a cupboard and sat in the dark til the posh cups come out. We’re talking freshly ground seconds before you pour on the water.

Unless you’ve a convenient grinder in your pocket (no, not the app) this level of coffee perfection has been the trump card of coffee houses and lazy Sundays at home. Well no more.

Cafflano Klassic lets you take the whole show on the road. Looking like a regular travel mug, this stunning portable coffee maker comes complete with a water pourer, hand grinder, built-in filter and insulated mug. All you need is hot water to enjoy your favourite java from bean to steaming black stuff in minutes.

So how does it all work? Unscrew the lid and you’ll notice it has a small hole in the side. This is your hot water pourer, to make sure you add just the right amount. Feel free to scribe your own little notch in the side.

Sitting in the body of your Cafflano Klassic is the ceramic grinder with flip-out handle. This’ll store your favourite beans (around 20g per cup is recommended) on your travels until you’re ready to pulverise them (alternatively you can stash several grinds worth in the attached tumbler).

When it’s caffeine O’clock, choose your preferred level of coarseness from the grinder’s adjustable click stop, then put those arms to work. When all the beans are ground, remove the grinder and you’ll find all the grounds waiting neatly in the Cafflano’s built-in metal filter below. Use the water pourer to add hot water and let gravity do the rest.

In just a few minutes you’ll have a freshly drip-brewed cup of steaming black stuff. And thanks to the insulated walls of this coffee brewing travel mug, it’ll stay that way for ages. Far longer than those chipped mugs at the office, anyway.

And that’s it. The Cafflano Klassic is easy to pack full of beans in a morning, easy to transport, easy to grind and easy to brew. Wherever you are, this all-in-one coffee maker is the only way to guarantee your first sip of the day will be note-perfect – and everyone else’s will be just that bit more bitter.

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Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker for Coffee Pods

This is one that I have not tried but this coffee gadget sounds and looks fantastic! Basically you need some hot water kettle or flask, an ESE coffee pod, the flat style, lots of different manufacturers of these coffee pods available from your local shop or supermarket.  You just pop in a pod, hot water, pump up the gadget to 16bar, bike pump style and you have 50cl of perfect espresso complete with crema!


GSI Mini Espresso

Basically a tiny stainless steel stove top espresso machine, can be used on a camping stove as very tiny & light enough to pack or throw in the rucksack.  cold water goes in the base, then a filter that you fill with the ground coffee of your choice, screw all together and place on a heat source, the water turns to steam and is pushed through the coffee for a quality cup of espresso, (but no crema).

GSI Mini espresso

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

The classic stove top espresso maker and uses the same principle as the GSI above, available in 1, 3, 6 or 12 cup sizes.  Alloy so very light.

Bialetti Moka 1 Cup Expresso Maker

Kelly Kettle

Not strictly a coffee maker, more of a simple and very fast kettle for boiling water with very little tinder or fuel.  You can boil the Kelly or Storm Kettle with a few sheets of newspaper!  Great for backpacking, camping, canoeing & bushcraft trips, hot water & a teabag and your sorted!

kelly kettle

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2 Responses to Coffeeholic Camping & Travel Coffee makers

  1. Zoe says:

    Can I just ask, what stove do you use with the espresso maker?



    • cwildman says:

      Pretty much any camping stove will do as long as the expresso maker of choice will sit on top, you just need something to heat the base to boiling point to create steam and hep presto, I use a little MSR PocketRocket on a gas cannister.


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