Mojito recipes

Along with my love of Havana Club Rum of which I have mused on before here Havana Club Rum & Havana Cultura I do love a cool, refreshing, rum based cocktail….  so it’s Mojito time!  The Classic Mojito and from the guys at The Lucky Pig a Mojito Rosata…

Classic Mojito

2 oz light or blanco rum, 1 tsp of sugar, 3 lime wedges, 5 mint leaves, soda water, you can make directly in the glass or it’s better made in a shaker,  muddle the lime, sugar and mint leaves in the shaker until well muddled. Add ice and the rum and shake briefly, then strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with soda and garnish with mint & a short straw or 2.  From the excellent cocktail site.

mojito rosata

Mojito Rosata

Equal measurements of Dark Rum & Martini Rosato…Add fresh lime juice, mint leaves, a pinch of sugar and churn with ice….  The rosato style mojito is floral and sweet up front with flavors of strawberry and lime while bitter grapefruit and dried herbs emerge on the finish.  Available from The Lucky Pig, Fitzrovia, London. (my old stomping ground!)

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