Meat Liquor Pilgrimage

Love it or hate it? I had to try it!

Meat Liquor

Not living quite so close to “That London” I do not get the opportunities to try things out as I used to, so as we were in town for that sporting event, (London Olympics – a brilliant, superbly organised, just the best, fantastic event and experience) we managed to sneak over to Marylebone to try out Meat Liquor.

I’ve been a big fan and follower of Yanni and The Meat Wagon but I’ve heard some mixed reviews on Meat Liquor, mainly the big queues outside in the cold or the don’t care attitude of the staff, well we experienced neither and couldn’t find fault!  Visited on a Sunday tea time, no queue, very pleasant and helpful waiter, The dirty diner food lived up to expectations and the bill for five people surprisingly good for That London.

Meat Liquor whole load of burgers

We skipped the Rabbit Food section of the menu and between us enjoyed Chilli Cheese Fries – artery clogging good, deep fried pickles – wish I had ordered more always a problem when your sharing!  Phili Cheese Fries – definitely didn’t get my share! Mushroom Swiss – all mine! Dead Hippie Burger – looked good and Cheeseburger’s.  All really good quality dirty burgers, just as expected and devoured by all.

Meat Liquor Chilli Cheese Fries

To Drink: Mojito’s and Vedett, cocktails served in jam jars and beer comes in the can! works perfectly with the venue decor and food but this is a cool burger joint and therefore not everyone’s cup of tea.  If you don’t like calorie laden, American diner inspired street food served atmospherically! then you wont like it, I however loved it!

Meat Liquor, Wellbeck St, Marylebone, just behind Debenhams


If there is a queue when you arrive, please join the back of it. In order to best serve all our guests we do not seat incomplete parties, this helps reduce waiting times by decreasing open tables.

We are a restaurant.

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