Real Milk

Green Top Whole Milk - Real Milk

Green Top Whole Milk - Real Milk

Very random blog about Milk, I love real milk, that is unpasteurised full fat milk otherwise known as MILK, green top, raw milk, the real stuff, whatever…..

Everyone has a favourite milk and just so many variations now but what is wrong with the real stuff I ask you!

  • Unpasteurised Green Top – whole natural milk, only available direct from the farm or a your milkman for doorstep delivery if your lucky, minimum 3.5% fat content.   Government made it illegal to sell in shops in 1989!
  • Pasteurised Full Fat Milk – the regular full fat pasteurised variety, minimum 3.5% fat content
  • Semi Skimmed Milk – the most popular variety in the UK with 1.7% fat content, our local supermarket sells this with a green lid! scandalous should be trade descriptions act green top is ONLY ever real milk not this wallow rubbish or “blue milk” as Grandma used to call it!
  • Skimmed Milk – nearly all fat removed 0.1 – 0.3% fat content, complete waste of space, might as well be water!
  • Pasteurised Milk – Pasteurisation involves heating the milk to a minimum of 71.7 degrees centigrade fro a minimum of 15 seconds
  • Homogenised Milk – has undergone a process to spread the fat evenly through the milk, pushed at high pressure through little holes, does not get a creamy layer at the top of the bottle, used to come in funny shaped bottles!
  • Sterilised Milk – pre-heated, sterilised, then homogenised and then heated in the bottle to between 113-130ºC for approximately 10-30 minutes, just about kill’s everything including some of the vitamins and taste funny different!
  • UHT Milk – UHT = ultra heat treated, heated to a temperature of at least 135ºC, long shelf life ,OK on your cornflakes when camping! IMO should not be used at any other time!
  • Jersey Milk – rich & creamy also know as Breakfast Milk
  • Organic Milk – from Organic herd’s grazed on Organic pastures with no use of chemical fertiliser or pesticides

Update Jan 2011

Mail Order delivery of Real (Raw) Milk to anywhere in the UK direct from the farmers Hook & Son in Hailsham, East Sussex  Link to website for Mail Order Real Milk

About cwildman

Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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17 Responses to Real Milk

  1. John says:

    I’d love to know where I can buy Real Milk from. So far I have had no success in finding it. No farms that sell it, no place near me that delivers it. Even your picture above isn’t real milk – it says “Pasturised milk” on the top of the bottle.


  2. Richard says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy unpasteurized milk in Yorkshire?


  3. Wladek Binkiewicz says:

    The problem with milk is that they homogenise milk and do not declair on the label. So, when you drink organic unpasteurised milk, it could be the milk has been homagenised you’ll never know because the labeling is up the creek.


  4. mark says:

    were in leeds can i buy raw milk?


    • paganum says:

      You mean REAL MILK! Most doorstep delivery milkmen still supply Green Top milk but you cannot buy direct from the farm or shops anymore, your only chance will be trying to contact a few different door step milkman in your area.


  5. Viv Dawson says: now supply real organic milk, once a week, nationwide, but of course it has to be packaged and delivered so it’s not cheap and the minimum purchase is 6 pints.


  6. Nowadays i only buy milk directly from a farmer.


  7. Sharon says:

    were in Sheffield can i buy raw milk? Thanks.


  8. Mr M Rose says:

    Please Can Some body leave a phone number of some Where In Sheffield can we purchase unhomogenized milk or untreated green top milk for making of freash paneer cheese


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