BBC Lambing live – Lamb watch visits Malham

Tonight (March 8th, 2010) on BBC2 at 8pm Adam Henson & Kate Humble continue the Lambing Live series showing all week when Adam visit’s Neil Heseltines Farm in Malham to find out more about Mule sheep.  This is a great series covering many of the events and issues faced by all sheep farmers at this time of year, well worth watching.

Some of the topics covered include orphan lambs, adoption (wet adoption & skinning adoption), colostrum, tups/rams, ruddle, indoor lambing, tail ringing, castration for and against, twin lamb disease, supplementary feed, difficult births and much more.

Malham Lambs

Malham Lambs

Malham Website

BBC2 Lambing Live on BBC iPlayer

Blue Face Leicester Sheep Society

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4 Responses to BBC Lambing live – Lamb watch visits Malham

  1. Daniel says:

    I am really pleased with the way “Lambing Live” has raised the profile of the lambing season! I am surprised they didnt want to call in at LambWatch, in Earby, on their farming tours! It isnt that far away and even has a webcam!


  2. Beltane says:

    How does Adam get to be on the show when his lambs must be being born


  3. francesmcleod says:

    hi to you all ….wow and wow again I am hooked and in awe of kate and her hubby Jim …their energy & commitment make me feel amazed. to hell with celebs !!! these two & folk like them show true grit. A week with them matches any bootcamp !! these real folk are worth finding out about.. whatamazing skills and knowlage they have shared with viewers & probably inspired many new generations …thanks for a wonderfull programme x


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