Queens Arms, Litton

Went up to The Queens Arms in Littondale on the request of the eldest son for tea.  He did want to try the George at Hubberholme but on telephoning for opening hours we established that it was fully booked.  The Queens is a super little pub in one of Yorkshire’s hidden dales, lovely ride out over some of the best, scenic Dales roads, especially if you go via Malham and Arncliffe.

The Food:- Well the gammon was good! but the rest of the meal and the beer was rather disappointing.  Thing’s don’t appear to be quite the same at the Queens Arms, prices were very expensive and the quality of the food disappointing, fish cakes & roast beef dinner poor, vegetables & salad like something out of an 1980’s tv show but with 2010 prices.  At least my gammon was OK!

The Beer:- Litton Ale: Pale brown in colour with a classic malt flavour.  3.8% abv. brewed on the premises, shall we say was having a rather off day! from what I have tasted it’s better in a bottle!

Now under New Ownership see The Queens Arms, Litton Jubilee here

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Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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16 Responses to Queens Arms, Litton

  1. Richard says:

    And it always seems to be shut during the day, when I need a pint after walking in the hills. 😦


  2. Clare says:

    It did sure go down hill but you will be pleased to know it has been taken over by some very keen new folk. They took it on at the start of May 2009 and the prices have dropped and the quality of everything has gone way up. phew! Oh and Richard they are even up all day at weekends now. 🙂



    We have just spent 2 nights at the Queen’s a
    Arms. This has been one of the best weekends we have had in the Dales for a long time.
    If like us, you enjoy good food and real ale you cant go wrong. The food is all cooked fresh, and the quality is excellent, and as for the beer, the pub has its own brewery, and the ale is first class, well worth trying a pint or three! Dean the landlord, has a very good collection of malt whiskey which was sampled after our meal. Will be calling in again asap for another tasty treat. We wish them all the best for the future with both their inn and their new baby boy.


  4. Patrick Turton says:

    If you have not visited the Queens Arms then be quick, as I get the feeling it might not survive too much longer. We visited last year and stopped off for food and a couple of beverages in the middle of a very pleasant walk. The location and the pub itself are outstanding but the experience inside was rather average. We noticed the pub is up for sale and decided to pay it a visit to see if it really was as good as the sales particulars stated. We also from their website and other comments noticed there were new landlords. We did a circular walk and arrived there on a sunny Saturday afternoon to find it shut. In fairness someone opened up and served us and a party of bewildered American walkers and a couple of cyclists a drink as long as we drank it outside. On completion of our walk we decided to return to see what the food was like. The pub did not open until 6.30pm and food not served until 7.00pm. I wish we hadn’t bothered. We eat out regularly and have done for many years and I have never left a meal. This however was the worst meal I have ever seen or attempted to taste. The mucky duck pie was not cooked at all – the chips must have been reheated about half a dozen times – they were black and disgusting. My partners vegetarian pie was a disgrace – the vegetables turned up sometime later – I wish they had not bothered. We spent £26.00 – cash – no card machines. I was surprised the staff were not asked to wear masks. Between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on a Saturday evening – 2 other customers – neither who ate. I was expecting Jeremy Beadle to appear at any time.


    • Dean A Walls says:

      When was it that you said you were there? As you mentioned at first it was last year but then you said that it was up for sale when you came, but that wasn’t the case last year. Something doesn’t quite add up. If you came up the weekend before your comments were posted then you would have found the Pub shut as there was no water supply! There was no chef at this time and if anyone was served at all then this will have been explained beforehand and whoever prepared your food will have been doing it to try to help you (as nowhere else in the dale serves it and we would not like to see anyone going hungry!)Also, throughout our time at the Queens we never served a Vegetarian Pie!
      The card machine was another matter entirely and was out of our hands, in fact you have no way at all of knowing what considerable hardships were involved even just keeping the pub open at this time and I neither have the time nor the room on this blog to educate you on these matters. Suffice to say that we are sorry that your dining experience was nothing like the many hundreds of people who have enjoyed their Mucky Duck Pie at the queens, neither are we happy that even though we were clearly shut when you had finished your walk but still served you drinks you failed to see this as the kind gesture that it would have been.
      For your further information, Wetherspoons are open all day and serve great quality food and beverages to the masses so please choose to go there in future, unless of course you are a certain someone creating a nuisance for whatever reason.
      We are very proud of the many comments regarding good food, drink, atmosphere etc during our tenure at The Queens and these can all be found on so many sites and facebook so you will forgive me for being less than enthusiastic about your very cruel, distasteful and uneducated comments, but of course you are entitled to your opinion Patrick.


  5. Patrick Turton says:

    Dean Thankyou for your reply. I am assuming you are the Landlord of the Queens Arms. I am a genuine person. I visited your pub on Saturday 15th May 2010. I also visited it about a year earlier. I do not apologise for my comments posted on the 17th May 2010 though in retrospect I perhaps should have been more helpful and less sarcastic. That said, the meal at your pub was the worst I have ever had and I am replying because I want you to never offer that standard of meal to anyone else. What I said in my first post was all true, except I stated my partner had a vegetarian pie when I should have wrote vegetarian meal. I think I was still in shock about the Mucky Duck pie!
    I am not some young hot head who blasts off on the internet. To the contrary, I am far from young and this is the first blog I have ever wrote on. I have however been a licensee, running my own leisure club, for over 10 years and have a degree and post graduate qualification in hospitality management and business education. More importantly I have always loved real ale and a pub lunch and therfore feel at least partly qualified to make a comment.
    Having read up on your pub before we visited, we were led to believe that it now opened all day at weekends(see above comment from Clare May.) We, along with the American visitors and cyclists who turned up for a drink at about 4.00pm on a sunny Saturday in May were a ittle bemused that you were closed. We were however all grateful to get a drink and thank the person who served us. The point is you should have been open anyway.
    As for the meal we came back for – see my original post. Contrary to what you said Dean, your pub was open for meals that evening. On entering the pub we asked the barman if you were serving food. He said you were from 7.00pm and the cook was prepping up. There were menus available and a young girl waiting on. The barman was friendly and chatty and explained there were no Litton ales because of problems with the water supply. We had the guest ale which was acceptable. We explained to the barman that we had visited about a year ago. He asked what our experience was like and went on to do a good job singing your praises and explaining that things were now much better, in particular the food. It was therefore a shock to us to be presented with the meals we were. To prevent the barman further embarassment, we paid and left quietly. I could not however leave it there and felt compelled to let you know our feelings.
    I appreciate that negative comments from customers sometimes hurt, in particular when things behind the scenes do not go to plan. The brutal fact is – most customers do not care what happens behind the scenes. They judge you on what you offer them when they visit and they determine whether they received value for money. If they do not think they have received this, then you have to put it right if you wish to prosper. If you can’t put it right – move on.
    Dean, I took the trouble to post a comment so you put right what was wrong. I believe you were not there that night and usually do the cooking. If without you the standard is that poor – for whatever reason – do not serve food. I do however wish you all the best for the future and appreciate just how tough the pub game is. I really hope that this was just a bad day at the office so to speak and that I find a reason to visit again. I love the pubs location, the area that surrounds it and the Yorkshire Dales in general. So much so that I am now resident there! Patrick


  6. Garry says:

    How sad this all sounds we went every week when Neil and Tanya had it they sold it in 2007 Ihave been back once never again. Neil now has Cracoes in Craco so if you want a good meal I suggest you call in on them


  7. Darrell says:

    I was there saturday 1/05/11 camping in their field. It is now £5 per person per night but they do give you 24 hr access to the pub toilet and a shower although I didn’t see that.
    The food in the pub was nice but at £10 ish per main it should be. They had Tetley, Hetton ale and Litton ale on cask which went down a treat so all-in-all a good spot and would definately consider it again.


  8. Kevin Wadsworth says:

    I am still bewildered after my visit to this pub. My girlfriend and I were booked in for 2 nights in last weekend (July 2011). We arrived at 1pm Friday lunchtime, expecteing to have a nice welcome, and maybe a drink and a bite to eat, before heading out walking. The place was verging on derelict. Peeling paint, damp, weeds where flowers should be. The bar locked and a sign on the open front door saying ‘let yourselves in’. We went up the stairs in this deserted building to find a very dated room, with ancient carpets, peeling wallpaper, a shower door hanging off its hinges, and the list goes on…..No key, so we couldn’t leave our stuff there. We waited outside for a bit. Lots of bemused people around wanting a drink, and asking if we were the owners. A lady in a nearby house said the landlady had gone out horseriding for the day ! We went walking and got back to a dismal pub with 4 people sat in silence in the bar. The landlord saw us and said to the lady (his wife I presume), room 2’s here (or whatever the number was). No welcome. She had a broken arm. The lounge bar next door appeared disused. It was an absolute horror story. We told them so and left – losing our £50 deposit in the process. It was a small price to pay, just to get away from a very weird place. Shame – it’s an idyllic location, but the place is being run by people who have no idea or interest in the business. AVOID THIS PUB AT ALL COSTS.


  9. Kathy says:

    I have just spent a night at the Queens Arms and loved the family room we were in – perfect if you have kids as there is a small room with two twin beds linked to the main room, with a curtain between them. The room was clean, with comfortable beds, lovely soft sheets, spacious bathroom (shower not bath), nice hand and shower gels, tea and coffee, hair dryer, sofa, a shelf of books and lots of storage space. It was very much an old pub bedroom, with small windows, stone mullions, curvy ceiling and old (but clean) carpets. The house decor has clearly changed little over the years, giving it lots of character, and it’s certainly not modern and smart for those who are looking for that. The breakfast was great – muesli, delicious toast, fresh orange juice, hot breakfast speedily provided, friendly and attentive hosts. My daughter is vegan and they provided her with a great meal without any fuss. We were able to pay by card. I can’t comment on lunch or evening food and drink, but for a simple B&B it was great.


  10. Mick S says:

    Having visited this place twice before I was left disappointed by my stay.The position of the property is superb being remote and beautiful. The pub feels if it has been rundown with little spent on the upkeep. Sadly the beer was poor being very very bitter, the landlords other half admitted that as a couple they knew nothing about beer and they had a man in to keep the micro brewery going, not to my taste and I love real ale. The bedrooms were very tired with no working TV. no working extractor fan in the bathroom and a wholly inadequate shower. The carpet was shabby and the general feeling was that things had been left to go to seed. One double was out of action to water damage. The food was wholesome if a little expensive, Scampi and Chips at £12. The music consisted of a 60’s compilation on permanent repeat.The public telephone in the village and the pubs own phone was not working although we were offered the use of the wifi. All in all it was poor value at £75 and not as good as it could be.


  11. Charles says:

    *big sigh of relief*


  12. Sarah Martin says:

    Charles, Who has got the place now? I would love Dean and Nicky to come back, we had some great nights up there when they had the place but it seemed to go downhill very quickly after they went and we stopped going up there.


    • Deano says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Many thanks for your kind words, we did try our best whilst we were there to create a friendly atmosphere, cook good food and serve good beer which wasn’t easy with a baby and one problem after another and very quiet winters. We also met many loveley people and spent some very happy times at the Queens which will never be forgotten. I don’t know who has it now but I hope that they make it work as it deserves to be succesfull.
      Hope that you continue to have many full on nights at the Mucky Duck and I am sure that the locals will always make you welcome in the Dale.


  13. Jennie says:


    Dear All,
    Just thought I’d let you know what is happening up at The Queens. Hope these websites give you a good idea of the recent changes that have been made!
    Thanks Jennie (Front of House / Assistant Manager)


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