Beef Tea – great for cold & flu sufferers

I have not tried Hot Bovril or Beef Tea for 20 years but under the effects of a cold (Man Flu!) I tried a cup recently and although I could not taste or smell it, very good it was, I would imagine a slightly salty beefy drink!

Bovril Beef Tea

Another option is the Oxo cube topped up with hot water a pinch of white pepper & served in a mug, have you noticed Oxo cubes are now X shaped!

Both Bovril & Oxo have fed various Armed Forces over the years with Bovril being invented to feed French Troops in 1886.  Oxo was included in WW1 troop rations and even sponsored the 1908 London Olympics.



Homemade Beef Tea


  • 450g/1lbs beef shin or skirt (you can really use any cut of beef)
  • 500mls/17 fl oz cold water
  • teaspoon of salt
  • White pepper to taste


  1. cube the beef & brown off in a pan with a little butter
  2. add beef & juices from the pan to a jam jar or wide mouth bottle
  3. seal container with greaseproof paper & string
  4. place container in pan of water and gentle simmer for 2 to 3 hours
  5. allow to cool & skim off any scum & fat
  6. strain, season to taste & serve

About cwildman

Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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3 Responses to Beef Tea – great for cold & flu sufferers

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  2. AcmeUK says:

    This is one of many recipies for beef tea. However I have not found one that tells you how to use the cooked beef residue. Waste not, want not!


  3. Susan Rodziewicz says:

    I have trawled the entire North of Staffs to try to get hold of my beloved “BOVRIL”. as a Type one diabetic, when and if my bloods “Hit the deck” usually at 3am!, my mug of Bovril and 2 dry crackers turn me back into a human being again. I have not been able to get hold of any Bovril “Why is it not on shop shelves???”. Bovril is for life…. Not just for Xmas!!!. I hasten to add…. I have now got 3 jars in my larder! “That’s the wonder…… The wonder of you!”… Yep!!!! I wonder where you are for the rest of the year!!!!!!. ❤ ❤ ❤


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