Traditional Bacon

Traditional dry cured cured bacons v mass produced….

dry cured traditional baconTraditional dry cure bacon with either salt or a rub on cure, preserves and flavours the bacon and a percentage of moisture will be lost to the atmosphere during the curing process creating a firm dry bacon, the lost moisture and hence weight is a bit like the “angel’s share” in Whisky distilling and you have to be happy to lose this as it results in a better product.  But some modern methods actually add moisture or brine to the meat either by imersion or even special brine injection systems.  So when you cook bacon and you get that white scum, lots of moisture loss and shrinkage you can tell it has been cured the modern way with added water or brine.

Whereas  Traditional dry cured bacon will cook beautifully, evenly and without the moisture loss or the scum and you can see and taste the difference…..

British Bacon? or is it? Current legislation allows foreign pork to be imported, cured in the UK and then labeled as British Bacon! is this OK with you? or is the legislation an ass!

After I had written this post I found The Telegraph Newspaper are also reporting on this “Save our Bacon – too much water in your bacon”

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Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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