The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

OK so which is the best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe?

Delia Smith suggests a mixture of water & milk whilst The Hairy Bikers suggest an all whole milk mixture?

The key elements regardless of precise quantity must be a really hot tray pre greased with a little spot of lard, oil or butter and it must be hot before you put the mixture into it, so that’s a really hot bun tray or cake tin so the oil/fat is smoking…

My simple recipe is:-

4oz plain flour, 2 really fresh free range eggs, half a pint of full fat milk, a little lard or oil


Sieve flour into dish, create hollow in flour and crack egg in, gradually add milk whilst whisking by hand, no need to rest the mixture just pour into a really hot bun tray or baking tin which must have smoking hot fat.

Tradition states that Yorkshire Puddings should be served with gravy as a starter, the idea being that when meat was in short supply or just out of the family budget you could fill up on Yorkshire’s and then have less meat with the main course.  Now we always have the Yorkshire Puddings with the main course filled with delicious beef gravy but Mum also used to serve them as a dessert or should that be “for pudding” just like a crepe or pancake but a different shape! served with butter, a little milk and sugar or simply drizzled with golden syrup.

Small Yorkshire puddings are also perfect for canapés or bite size party snacks, with a slither of beef, a drizzle of gravy and a dollop of horseradish sauce!  mmm a fantastic alternative to smoked salmon on brown bread..

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Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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13 Responses to The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

  1. Mark Dale says:

    I use 1/2 milk and water, and also sea-salt and pepper and sometimes some fresh thyme in the mix


  2. Helen Olney says:

    Ooo this is a controversial one. I use 2/3rds milk to 1/3rd water. I find the taste is best when I use fat from cooking the beef (or lamb) joint. Something that has been puzzling me: a couple of months ago on celebrity masterchef (I know, I know!) the guy who plays the paramedic on Casualty cooked the most amazing looking Yorkshire puddings. They were fully of bubbles and looked really crispy. Mine rise fine but I can’t get the ‘bubbly’ effect. I wonder if a dash of beer was involved. As an aside, what happened to the Great Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race: ?


  3. mark dale says:

    I didn’t see the Yp’s you mention, but i do remember years ago, there was a restaurant in Scarborough with amazing filled Yorkshire Puds done in loaf tins – they said they used a secret recipe, including beer, from what i remember in the local press…..

    Now, that boat race …. maybe we should re-create it ? – on Malham Tarn?



  4. Susan says:

    Love your Yorkshire puddings. My grandparents were from Yorkshire and I learned to make them from my mother. I often try my hand at traditional English recipes and write about them on my blog. Your blog is great fun for me to read. Thanks.


  5. Stuart Moss says:

    If you use Facebook, look for a group called ‘The Pudding Club’ a mate of mine runs it, and it might be of interest to you.


  6. Mandy Shann says:

    Please try my recipie for yorkshire puddings. I guarantee results everytime. 4 eggs, 225g plain flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, 300ml milk. Beat eggs and add to flour and salt, whisk in milk. I use a muffin tin, but any tin is fine. ensure fat is really hot and smoking, take out of the oven and sit the tray on top of the hob on the lowest light whilst pouring in batter. pop back in the oven for 25 mins. if using muffin tin, this amount will make 9 puddings. enjoy!


    • robb herring says:

      your recipe sounds terrific. how much fat do you put in each hole of the muffin tin? i cant remember my grandfather’s recipe. i do vaguely remember him spooning the drippings from a roast beef on one shelf of the oven into over the top of the muffin tin on a lower shelf in the same oven. his yorkshire pudding was the most delicious yp i’ve ever tasted. are you or is anybody else familar with this method of cooking yorkshire pudding? please email me at
      thank you in advance for your assistance.
      ps i’m wondering if this recipe could be improved by using canned evaporated milk. it sure does wonders for any sauce or gravy.


      • paganum says:

        You only need a small amount of oil or fat, finger nail size of lard or a drizzle to cover bottom of the tin, Chris


      • Mandy says:

        I usually use, as Chris has already said, a small teaspoon of goose fat (vegetable oil when vegetarians are round for dinner). just to cover the bottom of tin.


  7. A friend of our used whole milk and lard, the best puds ive had ever!
    dont like the idea of using milk/water mix? sounds washy


  8. I used to struggle to get my yorkshire puddings to rise. I think I was using the wrong ratio of ingredients as well as not getting the fat hot enough in the tins before I put them into the oven. Using the ratio’s in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Ministry of Food’ and making sure I got the oil really hot seemed to do the trick!


  9. For the best Traditional and Experimental Yorkshire Pudding Recipes may I suggest you check out


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