Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge

Coming soon to BBC2, here is a sneak peak of what we have been working on with Tom Kerridge, Nisha Katona & Alison Swan Parente for BBC2…..

Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge BBC2


Top_of_the_Shop_counter shot

Filmed on location at Town End Farm Shop, Airton, Malhamdale, Skipton, BD23 4BE

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Sing Yorkshire Gin

Sing Yorkshire Gin from Kettlesing near Harrogate.

2018-11-17 11.48.44

Sing Gin is the only Yorkshire Gin made from the Grape rather than Grain.

Grape Over Grain
We craft Sing from the grape rather than the grain. It delivers a fruitiness and a silky smoothness that, in our opinion, grain can’t quite match. Grape was also used to make the world’s very first juniper spirits back in the 13th century.

On The Nose –
We have pronounced juniper
followed by slight sweet and
citrus notes with a hint of
spice, and floral after-tones.

On The Palate –
We have a big flavoured gin with lots
of juniper balanced with slight sweet
notes and a long finish, leaving a
subtly pleasurable tingle on the
edges of the tongue.

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Leeds Indie Food 2018

leeds indie food lif18

Leeds Indie Food returns for 2018 and runs throughout May with lots of great events and offers to choose from.

Returning for its third year, the 18-day celebration will play host to nearly 100 innovative events spread over three new festival strands: Eat, Drink and Do.

Leeds Indie Food

#LIF18 A city-wide celebration of independent food and drink, every May…..

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The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland

Porridge holidays where porridge pilgrims (tourists) eat porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner are a thing!  VisitScotland have created the Porridge Grand Tour: ideas for porridge-themed trips in Scotland where oat enthusiasts can indulge their love of porridge and even eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Appropriately launched on St Andrews Day.

porridge grand tour

The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland provides inspiration for a number of breaks where tourists can enjoy sweet and savoury porridge dishes, possibly for all meals of the day, in a variety of Scotland’s restaurants, hotels and eateries

Visit Scotland launches The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland where tourists can enjoy sweet and savoury porridge dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst admiring stunning Scottish landscapes.

The recommended routes bring to life porridge recipes from some of Scotland’s most talented chefs, which includes a porridge dinner served with pigeon, one with Italian inspired cannelloni and even a whisky jelly option

Visit Scotland launches The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland where tourists can enjoy sweet and savoury porridge dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst admiring stunning Scottish landscapes.

In between porridge meal times, porridge pilgrims can take in the dramatic landscapes of Ballintaggart Farm near Grandtully; Lerwick in Shetland and the vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as have the opportunity to visit porridge-related places, shops and experiences.Visit Scotland launches The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland where tourists can enjoy sweet and savoury porridge dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst admiring stunning Scottish landscapes.

If 2016 was all about kale. This year you couldn’t move without hearing people discussing the best avo on toast or Instagramming their turmeric latte; but what faithful dish has been there for us through thick and thin? Porridge of course! In fact, the tag #porridge pops up almost two million times on any given day on Instagram with an array of toppings. But porridge isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Nowadays it can also be a delicious lunch, dinner and dessert, with chefs and foodies creating ever more imaginative sweet and savoury porridge options suitable for any hour of the day.

Visit Scotland launches The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland where tourists can enjoy sweet and savoury porridge dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst admiring stunning Scottish landscapes

To celebrate this VisitScotland, working together with Scotland Food & Drink, has today launched The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland: a range of unique porridge-themed adventure recommendations where oat enthusiasts can indulge their love of porridge and even enjoy porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst admiring the view of rolling hills, lochs or castles.


Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food at Scotland Food & Drink, said: “Porridge is becoming more fashionable than ever, with many chefs and food fanatics getting creative with this staple Scottish dish. Whether you like it the traditional way, topped with something sweet or prefer a more savoury offering, The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland highlights just some of the best places across Scotland to enjoy this iconic dish in a new, fun and exciting way.”

Neal Robertson, Double World Porridge Making Champion and owner of Tannochbrae Tearooms – which is a destination on the tour – said: “It’s amazing to see how much fun people are having with porridge across Scotland and around the world. The possibilities are endless with the humble oat and I can’t wait to show people how to make the perfect bowl of porridge on this Porridge Grand Tour.  If I’m feeling generous I might even lend them my winning spurtle invention – the double backed ‘spon’ spoon to try out.”

Visitors who might not want to eat porridge for every meal, can of course dip in and out of oaty experiences as they see fit. The six Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland itinerary suggestions can be adapted and tweaked to suit individual appetites and offer lots of great recommendations for things to do and places to see.

A map and suggested itineraries for The Porridge Grand Tour of Scotland will be available to download from

Who’d have thought…..

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Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge BBC2

Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge – BBC2

Last chance to come along and have a look during filming….

finest in the deli yorkshire choice

A new BBC Food Series is being filmed at Town End Farm Shop in Airton near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales.

bbc finest in the deli judges

Fledgling food producers from across the country will compete to become The Finest in the Deli.  Small food producers will sample there wares at Town End Farm Shop and try to impress customers and Judges alike.  Presented by 2 Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge and Judges Nisha Katona & Alison Swan Parente the food producers will try and wow locals with artisan food and drink.

town end farm shop finest in the deli BBC

Filmed on location at the farm shop based in Malhamdale in the Yorkshire Dales the show will not only highlight the fantastic produce but also the beautiful surroundings of Malhamdale and The Yorkshire Dales.

Scheduled for airing April 2018.

Commissioned by The BBC and produced by Studio Lambert.

Tom Kerridge – The Hand & Flowers and The Coach, Marlow
Nisha Katona – Mowgli Street Food
Alison Swan Parente – Welbeck Estate & The School of Artisan Food
Chris Wildman – Town End Farm Shop & Wildman British Charcuterie



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Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival

yorkshire dales cheese festival

The Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival will take place from Saturday the 23rd through to Saturday the 30th of September 2017.

A celebration of local produce throughout the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Discover some of the best produce the area has to offer through a delicious programme of events held across the Yorkshire Dales.

From hedgerow foraging events and butchery and cookery demonstrations to tasting evenings.  There’s even a cheesy-themed cycle ride to add to the pot.

Come and join us! You’re sure to find something to tickle your taste buds!

More details to be confirmed.

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The Courtyard Dairy has moved

The Courtyard Dairy has moved, not far but just a little further along the A65 to larger premises at Feizor.  What was once the old Falconry Centre has now been lovingly transformed by Andy & Kathy Swinscoe into a cheese lovers dream, the same quality cheese shop now with the addition of a cheese cafe & museum.

2017-07-07 13.29.57-1

Here is Andy Swinscoe himself (Le Grand Fromage) serving raclette upstairs in the cafe.

2017-07-07 13.04.05The cafe is full of character with great attention to detail, cheese themed furnishings even down to the tables being recycled cheese maturing boards.

2017-07-07 13.04.082017-07-07 13.13.06The Courtyards take on a classic Croque Monsieur with a Yorkshire twist.

Well worth a visit to stock up on the Courtyard classic cheese selection and do leave time to try the cafe and lovely coffee from Atkinsons of Lancaster with Emmas Organic milk.

Coming soon, cheese making courses, cheese tasting events and combined cheese & charcuterie courses.

Open Daily.

The Courtyard Dairy
Crows Nest Barn,
(The Former Falconry Centre),
Austwick, Nr. Settle, LA2 8AS

01729 823291

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Yorkshire Gin – Leeds Summer Fruits Gin

leeds summer fruits gin

Thursday 8th June will see the launch of the Leeds Gin Summer Fruits edition. Containing 10 botanicals (Juniper, Coriander, Almonds, Orris Root to name but a few) it is copper-pot distilled and then infused with fresh strawberries and raspberries before bottling. It’s an ideal drink for summer and the fruity flavour of strawberries and raspberries is simply delicious.


Yorkshire Gin from Town End Farm Shop 

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World Gin Day & The Flaming Venom

We now appear to have a nominated day for celebrating everything, some are pure PR and others to highlight a great cause, the 10th of June is World Gin Day, not the greatest cause but possibly one to enjoy and at least take our minds from other more serious things…..

Here are a few gin recipes to try at home maybe even with some excellent Yorkshire Gin.

Local Lad Tom Venning from the Gin Bar in Skipton, VSQ has made the short list for the Brocktail Gin cocktail competition and could be in with the chance of winning a trip of a lifetime to New Orleans, got to be worth our vote.  The Flaming Venom is his creation for the competition.

The Flaming Venom, V.SQ
Bartender: Tom Venning Ingredients: 50ml Brockmans 25ml Violet Liqueur 25ml Curacao Triple Sec 25ml Lime juice Method: Add All ingredients into a Boston shaker, shake and double strain in to a coupe glass. Use half a lime as a lime boat and add 15ml overproof Dark rum to it. Then light and serve! You can vote for Tom by clicking the image below.

The Flaming Venom Gin Cocktail Brockmans

Sopwell House G&Tea

In the spirit of World Gin Day, Sopwell House has fused two of the nation’s favourite drinks: tea and gin! Mixing up the classic gin and tonic, Sopwell House’s expert mixologists have created the G&Tea, which has the addition of earl grey tea and grapefruit juice to give it a sophisticated twist.

Stefano Litti, Restaurant and Bars Manager at Sopwell House, reveals one of the hotel’s most popular and unique cocktails so you can give it a try at home.

sopwell house g&tea


• 40ml Bathtub Gin
• 20ml Earl Grey Tea (cooled)
• 20ml Grapefruit Juice

Add the gin, cooled tea and grapefruit juice to a cocktail shaker. Shake and serve over ice in a highball glass.

More Gin cocktail recipes from The ‘GINVENTORY’: Wynyard Hall’s chief mixologist. 

A worldwide celebration of the juniper-based libation, World Gin Day returns on Saturday for its ninth year of spirited revelry.   To celebrate, Wynyard Hall’s Chief Mixologist David Clark has revealed his secret recipes and top-tips for exciting twists on the classic gin mixer, with a collection of sip-sational summer cocktails recipes.

lavender martini

The Lavender Martini

Chill a Martini glass by filling with ice
Take a mixing glass, add;
50ml Poetic Licence Old Tom Gin
12.5ml Dry Vermouth
25ml lavender syrup
2 dashes of orange bitters
Fill the mixing glass with ice
Stir 25 times in each direction to dilute and chill, empty the ice from the Martini glass, strain the liquid into the glass
Garnish with a sprig of lavender

The Wynyard Cooler

Fill a cocktail glass ¾ full with crushed ice, add a few slices of cucumber
In a mixing glass, muddle (stir in) 3 pieces of cucumber and add;
25ml lime juice
50ml Hendricks
25ml elderflower cordial
A dash of sugar syrup & a pinch of salt
Fill the mixing glass with ice and shake, strain the liquid into the cocktail glass and top with Soda Water
Garnish with cucumber Peach & Tarragon Smash

Take a tall glass and fill with ice
In a mixing glass, add;
50ml Bulldog Gin
25ml peach syrup
A sprig of Tarragon
Add ice and shake for 15 seconds
Strain into the tall, ice-filled glass and top with a splash of apple juice
Garnish with a sprig of Tarragon

blueberry mojito

Blueberry Gin Mojito

Clap fresh mint together (about 6 – 8 leaves) and add to a cocktail glass
Then add;
3 blueberries and muddle
½ lime (squeezed) and 25ml sugar syrup
Fill ¾ full with crushed ice, add;
Apple juice to the level of ice, and stir
50ml of preferred Gin
25ml Blueberry syrup
Stir again, before topping with crushed ice
Garnish with lime and fresh mint

Top Tipples from David Clark, Wynyard Hall Chief Mixologist
‘Ice is the most important item when making cocktails- you need decent sized cubes that will not melt too quickly and dilute the mixture. A good jigger (measuring device) also goes a long way for getting all the measurements right and creating the perfect cocktail’

‘The glass you drink from is also important. A glass with a smaller radius, such as the traditional high-ball glass, will help to preserve bubbles, keeping your mix fresh and fizzy. A glass can also influence your drinking experience, depending on the desired mood or setting – a Martini glass denotes elegance, whilst a Mason jar gives a casual vibe.’

‘Each gin benefits from a particular garnish. The accompaniment you choose should depend on the brand of gin you are drinking, and the botanicals used in its distillation process. Hendricks Gin is made using cucumbers and rose, therefore cucumber is the perfect addition to The Wynyard Cooler cocktail, as it highlights the gin’s delicate flavours.’  For more information, please visit

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Food Festival Tents

With summer starting now and a whole raft of Food and Music Festivals approaching every self respecting foodie needs a foodie tent to stand out from the crowd!

FieldCandy-Worlds-Smallest-Pub-Tent-Side-A (2500x1406)

Worlds Smallest Pub Tent

I spotted these great food themed tents from FieldCandy and couldn’t resist adding these fun tent images to the blog.

FieldCandy-What-a-Melon-Tent-Side-B (2500x1406)

Water Melon Tent


FieldCandy-Picnic-Perfect-Tent-Side-A (2500x1406)

Sandwich Tent – Perfect Picnic


FieldCandy-Cheese-Please-Tent-Side-A (2200x1238)

Cheese Please Tent

My favourite has to be the Sheep Tent.

Field Candy Animal Farm Sheep Tent

Field Candy Animal Farm Sheep Tent

About the FieldCandy Original Explorer: This high-performance 2-3 person ‘A’ frame tent is designed to last.  It is proudly made in England, with a high quality breathable and cool inner tent and a flysheet which is 100 per cent waterproof and UV fade resistant.  Lightweight aluminium alloy poles mean it is easy to assemble yet strong enough to withstand all festival weather conditions.  Features include a large porch for storage and easy assembly in five minutes. The Original Explorer tents retail from £249 to £399.

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