Mutton & Hogget – what’s the difference?

Mutton & Hogget – what’s the difference?

OK so first off what is Lamb?  Lamb is the meat from a young sheep, less than 12 months old.  Lamb is a delicate flavoured and tender meat.

A Lamb over 12 months but less than 2 years is known as Hogget.  Hogget is often regarded as the best tasting “Lamb” more flavour but not as strong as Mutton.

Over 2 years old and Hogget would then be known as Mutton.  The confusion regarding Mutton is then the difference between good mutton say between 2 & 3 years old and “an old ewe” or bad mutton that has been sent for cull at maybe 4 years old and could be as tough as old boots!  probably only any good for a slow cooked curry!

Macon – Mutton Bacon, cured mutton!

A book all about Mutton – Much Ado about Mutton by Bob Kennard.

Much ado about mutton

Mutton once took pride of place on every dining table up and down the country. It was the nation’s favourite dish. It fed us all, from peasant to King. Whatever happened to it?

Bob Kennard explains the decline of this delicious icon of British cookery. More importantly, he explains why mutton is now poised to make a come-back. Its extraordinary health and environmental benefits are at last being recognised, not to mention its superlative flavour.

Based on the author’s experience of over 25 years of producing and extolling the virtues of mutton, together with advice from mutton enthusiasts down the centuries, you can learn what to look for when choosing your mutton.

Breed of sheep producing mutton was considered very important by the Victorians, and there is a complete directory of breeds available in the UK, together with over 60 places to buy the meat, and a collection of 20 recipes showing the versitility of mutton, and how easy it is to produce a fantastic-tasting meal.

The book is fully illustrated throughout with colour photographs and historic images.

More info here Much ado about Mutton

Why hogget and mutton are good for you

 “These traditional meats offer all the reliable taste we expect from lamb, only more so. Most modern lamb comes from sheep four to six months old. But if the animal is given more time to range freely, all the while chomping away on tussocky bracken, heather, herbs and clovers, its meat develops an infinitely more interesting, fuller flavour that is exceptionally satisfying. The grain of the meat becomes finer too – even more pleasing to the tongue.”

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