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Mutton & Hogget – what’s the difference?

Mutton & Hogget – what’s the difference? OK so first off what is Lamb?  Lamb is the meat from a young sheep, less than 12 months old.  Lamb is a delicate flavoured and tender meat. A Lamb over 12 months … Continue reading

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Malham Agricultural Show 2014

Another fantastic Malham Show was held on Saturday August the 23rd here in Malhamdale, the weather was very kind to us with a little shower late in the afternoon even bringing a rainbow…

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12 reasons to visit your Butcher

Here are 12 reasons to visit your Butcher 1. Full Traceability – a good butcher will know where his meat comes from and have a relationship with the farmer who supplies it. 2. Something special – a butcher can offer … Continue reading

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Take Three Chefs 2013 #Take3Chefs

Take Three Chefs made a triumphant return to Settle Victoria Hall in May 2013 with some new faces gracing the stage along with our local celebrity chef herself, Stephanie Moon from BBC Great British Menu. First up for his first … Continue reading

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Butchery & Charcuterie Courses in The Yorkshire Dales

Ever fancied a go at butchery, making your own sausages or curing your own bacon? Well now you can.  Paganum Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie run a series of courses in Pork Butchery, curing and charcuterie, Lamb Butchery and even beef … Continue reading

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Bacon Ipsum – A meatier Lorem Ipsum generator

Bacon Ipsum I just love this, tickles my warped sense of humour and fits nicely with a foodie butcher blog! Instead of the boring Lorem Ipsum content generator why not try “Bacon Ipsum” the same Latin content interspersed with meat words, … Continue reading

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BBQ Competition Time

Well I’m a bit barbecued out today, spent the day at Nigel Haworth’s Fantastic Food Show at Ewood Park, Blackburn in the inaugural BBQ Competition, great fun and our dishes came out OK for a first attempt.  then it was home … Continue reading

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Mutton Renaissance – What is mutton?

What is Mutton? Sheep farming experts generally agree that mutton refers to meat from sheep that are over two years old.  Traditionalists argue that mutton is always the meat from a wether (a wether is a castrated male sheep; it … Continue reading

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Butchery & Sausage Making

The latest Butchery & Sausage Making course at Coghlans Cookery School last week went well, I really enjoyed the day and we got some great positive feedback from all attending. After talking about Pigs & Farming in general over coffee … Continue reading

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