Butchery & Sausage Making

The latest Butchery & Sausage Making course at Coghlans Cookery School last week went well, I really enjoyed the day and we got some great positive feedback from all attending.

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

After talking about Pigs & Farming in general over coffee and croissants a whole discussion evolved around rare breeds and outdoor reared British Pork.   Once I dismounted my “high horse” we started the course by looking at the anatomy of a side of pork followed by some knife skills including the different methods of using a steel and keeping those knifes sharp.

Once we had removed the shoulder and boned out, it was onto the sausage making part of the day, everyone diced and minced there shoulder and prepared to invent their very own unique sausage recipe.

The vast selection of ingredients to choose from included 6 different styles of beer, a mixture of freshly prepared breadcrumbs, spices including cumin, ground white pepper, black pepper, cayenne & paprika, herbs from coriander, parsley, chive & sage and different sugars and honey.  Finely chopped leeks or shallots and a selection of fruit from apple, cranberries, dried apricot and even Yorkshire Rhubarb to name a few.

Finally everyone had a go at filling sausages using traditional casings (sausage skins) and a lesson in sausage linking with some fantastic results.

Some of the sausage creations on the day :-

  • Meantime Pilsner, sage & onion
  • Meantime Pilsner, Henderson Relish, onion & chive
  • Beer, leek, cranberry & coriander
  • Leek & apricot
  • Herby Pils, onion, leek, sage & thyme
  • Yorkshire pork & rhubarb
  • and a few more weird & wonderful concoctions

Lunch was of course some Malhamdale Pork Sausages and mash with a gorgeous gravy, all expertly prepared by resident chef’s Simon & Russ.  If your interested in attending a Butchery & Sausage Making course please email for more details chris@paganum.co.uk or you can find more details on the Paganum Butchery Course Website

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Local Food Evangelist, 5th Generation Butcher based in the Yorkshire Dales, England. Town End Farm Shop, Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie, Home of The Yorkshire Chorizo.
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4 Responses to Butchery & Sausage Making

  1. Annalise Cunild says:

    This is an excellent course I would recommend it to anyone. Chris is a fun, knowledgeable and charismatic teacher and it was fascinating to learn about the different cuts of meat and the importance of knowing its provenance. And the sausages were extremely tasty!


  2. John says:

    A fantastic course with lots of hands-on practice with different knives, cuts and then the all fun part of filling the skins with the sausage meat. The cranberry sausages were simply delcious.


  3. leigh says:

    Some nice-looking recipes there! Especially like the idea of the meantime beers – a wonderful brewery. I used to make sausages in my grandfather’s butchers when I was a lad, so this is something close to my heart.You gotta get the right amount of fat in there!!


  4. Anna Lupton says:

    Would be really interested to go on this course Please can you tell me when the next one is . My guests would hopefully be in for a treat at http://www.carrhousefarm.co.uk for their breakfasts if I mastered the art of sausage making.


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